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I am just a child with nothing to lose but my mind.

Jesus. Jesus. Oh God. Okay.

So let's say you really like this girl. She was the first one you told about your powers (back when you weren't telling anyone), and seemed to be the one who understood where you were coming from. You get along with her really well -- but her younger siblings are a problem. Incidentally, these younger siblings made you blow your cover and destroy part of the mansion, which put you in the medlabs for two days. Which means you'd really rather see them dead as little as possible.

Anyway, you run into the speedy fucker while you're out trying to get out of the house, because some pretty serious shit has gone down and you don't want to deal with it. He informs you that his daddy was responsible for the telepathic freak-out that made your powers show up and basically ruined your life.

Your girl adores her dad. You don't know what to think about her or say to her, but you're creeped out by what the brother said. And -- yeah. You've got a headache the size of Antarctica and you want to hurt something -- or somebody -- that's not yourself. But most of all you want to figure out if you can keep on hanging out with this girl, or whether it's really worth it, or... or if you're just freaking out. But this being a mutant thing -- everything's different! You had to leave everything behind. And you've had to go through some horrible times since you manifested. And she's proud of the man who brought this about for you.

So yeah... help? And no, I am not crying.
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